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The Perfect Socially Distanced UK Staycation

The Perfect Socially Distanced UK Staycation

2020 hasn’t been your typical year, and if you had been looking forward to a summer holiday, the chances are you’ll have been disappointed. This has left a lot of people looking for their coronavirus holiday – a break from the pandemic that’s safe, affordable and unlikely to be the victim of the next quarantine or lockdown.

The word ‘staycation’ might be awful on the ears, but there are a lot of people looking for staycation ideas in the UK right now and it’s understandable – the continental holiday in the sun is something we’ve all come to look forward to so much that the UK can be overlooked as a destination for British holidaymakers.

It turns out, however, that we might just have the perfect solution – in fact, if there were ever a getaway better suited to the current global situation, we can’t think of one. Whether you’re the gregarious type, looking to take in as many different bars and pubs as possible, looking for beautiful scenery, or simply want to get away from the constant news cycle with your partner or family, a canal boat holiday offers tremendous variety and potential.

Whether you’re looking for a short break or a week-long cruise through the glorious Lancashire countryside, you can be sure of serenity, wildlife and beautiful natural and architectural sights as you wind your way along the fantastically maintained Lancaster Canal.

You can be as far from the madding crowd as you like – socially distancing as you enjoy the comfort of the boat – or greet friendly locals at one of the amazing pubs and restaurants that are dotted along the picturesque route, all the while you can look forward to taking walks through an English countryside teeming with birds and wildlife, or simply enjoy the sensation of journeying along the historic waterway which was completed in 1826.

While we’re obviously biased, we feel our four wonderful boats offer the best way to enjoy the English countryside, the joy of boating and a series of delightful towns and villages all while retaining the comfort and convenience of a boutique hotel.

Whether you’re looking to squeeze in a getaway before the end of the year, or looking to avoid the risks of holiday cancellations and the nervous anticipation of another travel company going out of business by taking a holiday in the UK in 2021, the chances are we’ll have the perfect boat on which you can have a perfect time.

So stop looking for staycation ideas – you’ve had the best one yet! So get in touch before we’re all booked up and start looking forward to the highlight of your year – whatever year that might be.